Aw, Crap! Is that the time?

It is always hard to find time to practice, life is constantly busy between school and extracurriculars and family and friends and making sure I eat and sleep. Nonetheless it is still crucial to practice on a constant basis in order to continue to improve and develop more skills.

For me at least when I do not practice it shows in class during the school day and during my weekly lesson my teacher spends more time review what we worked on last week then learning new things and looking at new material. The key is finding the time to practice. My ultimate goal is practice six times a week for at two to three or more hours a day.

There are many methods to udownloadse to finding time to practice, but for me I have to schedule it into my day and break up my practicing sessions. Everyday I plan on practicing I have to write it into my schedule just like any other activity I have that day or any place I have to be that day. This way it forces me to recognize that the time I have set aside is important and already taken up by a valid activity, practicing. In a way I trick myself into thinking that even if I am not done with all my homework yet I should take a break for a little bit and force myself to practice as it is scheduled just like any marching band or sports practice would be. Obviously sometimes I have to break my own rule, but I find forcing myself to recognize that time as taken keeps me more reliable and honest about my practice time.

It is important to find the time and put it aside for what is important to you. It can be challenging but so rewarding when you realize what that time has done and how you have improved on that skill, whether it be an instrument or even something else like pushups or stretching. The more you do it, the more you improve. Seeing your hard work pay off shows how valuable time is, though it is a challenge to get into the habit of finding time. It is important you find a way to set aside time that works for you. If you are struggling to find time to do things that are important to you check out these time management tips.

Another thing that I find helps me when I practice is finding methods on how to spend and use my practice time. What I am working on varies from week to week, and even from day to day depending on what pieces and skills I am working on at that time. However I have one method that I find extremely useful and helps me be more efficient when practicing on my own. I normally divide my time up whenever I am practicing. If the goal is to practice for two hours that day I will divide it up into four 30 minute chunks of time. I will practice for a little bit, then take a break or finish a homework assignment, then go back to practicing. By breaking up what I am working on I have noticed that my focus tends to improve and I am more motivated and efficient with the task at hand.

download (1)Again everyone is different and their brains operate in different ways, so it is important to find what works best for you and find a method that allows you to use your time to the best of your ability. If for you that does mean hyperfocusing on a task for three hours straight, all the credit to you, and I would be impressed. Though it can also mean giving yourself small rewards like a gummy bear once you finish something or reach your goal. Just find or create a method that works best for you, keeps you engaged, motivated, and driven while practicing or working on any task really.

When it comes down to it the key to finding time to practice is managing your time and even your time spent practicing well. It can be challenging, especially if it is a habit you are not used to, but is crucial if you want to grow as a musician and improve your skills. Hope you find your niche and what works best for you as an individual. Good luck and get practicing!download (2)

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